This is my plan for a simple and economical way for any body to start in aquaponics. ( UK)

You will need about two square meters of ground.
You will have to spend about £300.
IBC £50
Clay pebbles £60
Pump £30
You will get: about 20  plate sized rainbow trout per year. Lots of fresh veg. Obviously grow your own favorites but watercress is great. Leafy greens; basil lettuce etc are easy.
Just sprinkle the seeds straight into the grow bed.
Rainbow trout take about six months to grow to plate size.
They are not happy in a water temperature above 22*C
So plan to harvest just before August and restock soon afterwards.

Start by reading the;
In addition to the 1.2 meters the IBC occupies leave some room around it for access.
This installation does not require a green house. However some form of weather protection cold frame will improve your results.
It can be as simple as four posts at each corner of the IBC. A cheap acrylic roof and four heavy duty plastic sheets.
Identify and use a fresh rainwater source.
You can use tap water but allow 24 hours for off gassing chlorine.
Use clay pebbles.
A 3000 ltr/hour  submersible pump in the fish tank.
In the UK I would use a ( new) washing machine discharge hose to connect to 22m plastic pipe. Push fit ‘T’ and ‘L’ to distribute the water to the grow bed.
A cheap digital thermometer. £2 max
A PH test meter £10 max
Water test kit. £25 max
Trout fingerlings; approx £1 each.
You have around 700 lts of water. 200 ltrs of media. This will safely support 10 fish.
Now obviously this is a basic system. There are many additions and refinements you can make. 
This will work. It will grow fish and vegetables.
Think of it as a gateway. An entrance into a whole new world.
E mail me or go to the AP community for questions. We are a friendly bunch.
Do  NOT spend money on guides,DVD’s or fancy syphons.
All you need is available online for free. Just ask.
Have fun.

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